UML President Oli Appeals to Partition Split

CPN UML KP Chairman Sharma Oli urged all leaders and cadres to stand firm against efforts to divide the party. In a late appeal Monday night, Ollie urged party leaders, officials, lower house members and members of the National Assembly to unite against the party’s dissolution.

The appeals court recalled that every effort had been made to keep the UML intact since the Supreme Court’s ruling on March 7, saying, “Attempts to divide the UML and the ruling party under any pretext are unacceptable.” The UML is focused on keeping the party intact given its glorious history, the chairman said.

He also said a working group was formed to address the issues plaguing the party over the consolidated bidding. He submitted the report and decided to implement it.

He also said that the UML is now playing a role in the opposition as it plays a leading role in national politics. Now, in order to restore the party’s state-political power, its cadres and leaders must be disciplined and active.

Olli also said that UML is a synonym for social justice and development in Nepal.

According to him, a charter based on the principles of multi-popular democracy and democratization of party life will be proposed at the upcoming party congress.